Friday Five #2 – Mommy Blogs

Friday Five #2 – Mommy Blogs

Happy Friday, bloggers! Last week, we introduced our Friday Five meme, where we showcase the top five blog posts we’ve read all week. Of course, we started with some of our favorite book blog posts from around the blogosphere (because the majority of the Ginger Mom’s time has been spent on book blogging).

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This week, we tweaked our re-branding just a bit (because lifestyle blogging just really doesn’t appeal to us – kudos to the bloggers who can do it but talking about our clothes and makeup just isn’t for Crystal and I). We now classify ourselves as a Mom Blog – and why didn’t we think of that before, with a name like Ginger MOM?

Ginger Mom and Company blog

Naturally, I spent most of my week reading Mommy blogs and trying to see where we fit in this amazing niche.

Here are just a few of my favorites from this week:

The Friday Five #2 – Mom Blogs

7 Terrible Blogging Mistakes Mom Bloggers Make (And How to Fix Them) | Elna @ Twins Mommy was on my radar even before I started classifying the Ginger Mom as a mom blog. And this post works for all bloggers. She touches on seven different things that you may be doing (like not building an email list – guilty!) that could be holding your blog back! I really needed this post 🙂 Thanks, Elna!

101+ Post Ideas for Your Mommy Blog | Stephanie @ Mama Hippie has compiled this massive list of writing prompts – from Diaper Bag Must-Haves to Beauty Tips to Cheap Meal Plans! Yet another post that works for mom blogs and more! (hey book bloggers, she even adds Must-Read Summer Books for Kids! You can make it your own by discussing adult books!)

9 Inspiring Mom Blogs You Should be Following | Heather @ Very Anxious Mommy has struck gold with this post. I would have read it based on the title, even if it wasn’t about mom blogs. I’m a sucker for blogger appreciation and Heather’s list of bloggers (including some I already adore!) is the perfect blend of helpfulness and blogger appreciation. Heather, you’re just as inspiring as all the bloggers you put on your list!

5 SEO Principles I Followed to Build a $60,000+/Month Blog | Carly @ Mommy On Purpose is one of my favorite bloggers because she talks about MORE than just being a mom. Of course, that is the core of her blog but she also shares things like this gem – how to make money blogging just by focusing on your SEO! These are actionable items that any blogger can implement (and I’m certainly going to!)

How to Retire Your Husband at 30 | Suzi @ Start a Mom Blog has spent the last almost three years building her blog with a goal in mind – to work from home (which she does), and bring her husband home full-time (which she just accomplished this month! Congratulations, Suzi!) I love how they tell their story in the video connected to this post and they are the cutest lovebirds!

One of the best things is that Suzi also says she worked her butt off for over 1,000 days! She doesn’t promise that success isn’t going to happen overnight, but she does say that it’s possible. Great motivation for us (because my main goal is to be able to keep our family home, as well!)

Top 5 Mom Blog Posts
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What did you read this week?

Did you read book reviews this week (I did a lot of that, too!)? Or blog posts about blogging? I think anyone who wants to make money blogging does a lot of this, as well! What blog posts inspired you this week? Let us know in the comments or go write your own #Friday5Meme post 🙂 Share the blogger love!

all my love Megan